Apple Wine

Jonamac Orchard is proud to introduce our Apple Wine! 


We pressed our apples into cider and our friends from the Prairie State Winery in Genoa helped make it into unique apple wines, exclusively for Jonamac Orchard.    They are only available at our farm, so come on in and grab a bottle or two!

Orchard Blend (Apple Wine) $12.95

This semi-sweet apple wine is a blend of some of our favorite apple varieties at Jonamac Orchard, selected by our cidermaker.  Pairs nicely with pork, poultry, and cheese.  Enjoy it chilled with family and friends.

Similar to the taste of Pinot Grigio, great for cooking!

Honeycrisp Apple (Apple Wine) $14.95

Honeycrisp has quickly become one of the favorite apples grown at Jonamac Orchard.  This wine is made of 100% Honeycrisp apples and has the sweet honey-like flavor that made the apple famous.  Serve chilled with dessert, like a slice of apple pie!

Similar to a Moscato or Riesling, but made with apples!

Red Barn Blush (Apple Cranberry Wine) $14.95

Red Barn Blush is a refreshing blend of sweet apple wine with a tart cranberry kick.  The bright red color is reminiscent of the red barns that have become a staple at Jonamac Orchard.  Enjoy this semi-sweet wine chilled.

This wine makes a great sangria or a mean vodka cranberry, but is perfect for picnics on its own!

Autumn Harvest (Spiced Apple Wine) $12.95

The perfect wine to enjoy on a cool autumn day, this apple wine is seasoned with Jonamac Orchard’s own special blend of mulling spices.  For a special treat, warm it up and enjoy the flavors and aromas of fall, almost just like a cup of hot cider!

Try serving with some whipped cream on top, yum!

Apple Blossom (Carbonated Apple Wine) $16.50

Enjoy this bubbly apple wine made from a blend of apples grown right here at Jonamac Orchard.  The sweet delicate flavors remind us of the beautiful spring blossoms on our farm.  Best served chilled, with family and friends.

Try this bubbly wine blended with our fresh apple cider for a “Jonamac Mimosa”!  

All of our wines are gluten free and contain approximately 11% Alcohol by volume.  They are only available for purchase at the Jonamac Orchard Country Store.  Not available for purchase on-line.

Artwork on our labels was done by our friends Marla Shega and Lauren Rutledge.