Try our new Apple Wine!

Jonamac Orchard proudly announces one of our new products for 2014… APPLE WINE!

Wine Display


Last year we had the largest apple crop in our 30 year history, and it got us thinking, what should we do with all these leftover apples?  We donated hundreds of pounds of apples to local food pantries and organizations and STILL had more leftover.  So we pressed the apples into cider and met with our friend, winemaker Rick Mamoser from Prairie State Winery in Genoa, IL.

We came up with five unique apple wines that are made from our apples grown and pressed on the farm, then processed and bottled by Prairie State Winery.  The wines are only available for sale at Jonamac Orchard and are on sale now!  Come try these great new varieties:

Orchard Blend:  A crisp semi sweet wine made from a blend of our apples selected by our cider maker (taste somewhat similar to a Pinot Grigio)

Honeycrisp:  This sweet wine is made of 100% pure Honeycrisp apples and has the honey sweet flavor that made the apple famous!  (tastes similar to a Moscato)

Autumn Harvest:  A spiced apple wine made with a blend of apples and our special mix of mulling spices that we use in hot cider in the fall.  Amazing served warm on a cool autumn day

Red Barn Blush:  An apple-cranberry wine that is semi sweet with a tart cranberry kick, the perfect wine for a picnic or a kickin’ sangria.

Apple Blossom: Our own special carbonated apple wine that is sweet and bubbly.  Tastes almost just like a brut champagne, and is delicious and refreshing!  Try a Jonamac Mimosa by mixing it in the morning with some of our fresh apple cider!


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